Nuna Teal

Nuna grew up on a large, diverse organic farm in Vermont that was also the site of a project by her father to study, domesticate and protect muskoxen for the economic use of their fine wool by indigenous peoples of the Far North. Conceived on Spitsbergen, Nuna traveled with the Sami and their reindeer, then migrated between the farm and Arctic communities and wilderness with the muskox project. After traveling, studying dance and completing graduate studies in ecological anthropology, she returned to the farm to rediscover a love for agriculture and raise two daughters. During the UN Year of Soil, she joined the Jena & Michael King Foundation in Los Angeles to serve as its Executive Director for 5 years. Because their missions align in so many ways, the foundation gave a major grant to help launch the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic & Farm. The foundation has since formed a full alliance with the One Earth climate initiative, of which Jena King is a founding member and Nuna is Program Director.