Mni Wiconi Clinic

The Mni Wiconi Clinic will be based on the Standing Rock Reservation and will include facilities such as ceremonial spaces for healing, private exams that accommodate families, and a traditional apothecary. All will be powered by renewable energy.

Our facilities will include:

  • Kitchen for communal meals and teaching
  • Inipi (Sweat Lodge)
  • Waiting Area/Welcoming Space
  • Traditional Medicines
  • Private rooms which accommodate families
  • Fossil fuel-free energy
  • Practitioner/Healer Lounge
  • Elder’s and Children’s Area
  • Conference Area (15-20 people)

Farm and Food Sovereignty

The farm and food sovereignty program is a part of our decolonizing methods. Through food workshops we will share knowledge on how foods can be used and integrated into a persons healing process. In addition we will hold workshops for the community to learn how to cook and prepare foods from our farm so they can take decolonizing their diets into their own hands and households.

Mobile Clinic

The Mobile Clinic will be how we reach our community where they are. The mobile clinic will aim to provide access to care in remote areas and for those who do not have the means or ability to travel. On the Standing Rock Reservation, traveling is both a physical and economic challenge, the mobile clinic is our solution to ensuring inclusivity of all tribal members.

Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration is not a specific program but rather a foundational component to every aspect of the clinic and farm. By integrating ceremony, cultural practices and sensitivities, we can not only bring a sense of comfort to our patients but we can also ritualize that knowledge for tribal and community members who have lost connection to traditional and ceremonial knowledge because of colonization.