Our Impact

Alongside the community, we are co-designing a regenerative model that will be able to serve Indigenous Peoples through a holistic and integrative practice that ensures lasting health and wellness for future generations.

Practices, Resources & Authorities in Place to Reclaim and Reactivate Mitakuye Owas’in

Our approach will allow us to work with the Standing Rock Reservation to better understand the needs of the community and to uplift all the models of care embedded in our Ochethi Sakowin lifeways that are currently present, which include:

  • Data collection “citizen science” across communities
  • Data Sovereignty- collecting and analyzing our own data (including our Ochethi Sakowin langauges)
  • Sources the workforce within the demographic
  • Natural flowing waterways
  • Buffalo herds, cottonwood forests, prairie life thriving
  • Traditionally based wellness curriculum incorporating spiritual protocol for community (including Lakota/Dakota languages)
  • Trauma informed programming¬†
  • Local wellness practitioner network
  • Strengthening our families through focusing on our ceremonies
  • Cultural revitalization of Indigenous: food, medicine, building, ceremony, start knowledge, geography, etc.
  • Ceremonies & healers uplifted and reactivated (ishnathi, hoksichantkiyapi, lowanpi, etc.)
  • And many more.