Author name: Tasha Peltier

Chansasa Revitalization project

The Chansasa Revitalization Project was created in partnership between the Mni Wichoni Health Circle and the University of North Dakota in the spring of 2021. Through this project we co-developed a plan with nine (9) community land stewards, three (3) elders and six (6) community members, for replanting chansasa (red willow; sacred tobacco) along natural creeks on Standing Rock and developing harvesting protocols for chansasa in a traditional and sustainable way. As western practices (i.e., commercial tobacco usage in ceremonies) continue to encroach on our traditional practices, there is a critcal need to revitalize the original teachings and protocols for harvesting chansasa. This project supported community land stewards in reconnecting to ceremony, prayer, relationship to the land, and storytelling practices while learning about chansasa and the environment it thrives within. We completed the resource guide and we will be sharing it with community soon.

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