Our Mission – Healing

The Mni Wiconi Clinic and Farm will strive to promote community health and holistic wellness for the Lakota/Dakota Nation by reclaiming, revitalizing, and reactivating ancestral knowledge of traditional ceremonial practices, medicines, foods, and all other aspects of Lakota/Dakota lifeways to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


The Mni Wiconi Clinic and Farm is an envisioned model for the Lakota/Dakota Nation that was born out of the #WaterIsLifeMovement at the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ Camp that began in 2016 when the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies from across the world stood in opposition to the Energy Transfer Partners Dakota Access Pipeline. In order to support families within the camp and warriors at the frontlines, there were donations of medical supplies, human resources, and other types of medical/healing aid gathered and coordinated efforts were made to make sure that everyone was healthy: mind, body, and spirit, while they were standing for the land and the water.

“Imagine a Clinic where you come for healing and learning; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. A place where your life ways and culture are respected; where you can see a body worker or a herbalist as easily as a medic or physician; where you can take a class on herbal medicine and pick up a jar of homemade buffalo stew.”

Linda Black Elk

Our Plan

We will consult with local traditional healers, elders, youth and other community stakeholders to co-create an alternative clinic model that fits the needs of our communities and aligns with our traditional Lakota/Dakota lifeways.

Our Programs

The Mni Wiconi Clinic and Farm is taking a holistic and integrated approach to health and wellness. We believe true healing happens when diet and the spiritual and emotional state are all considered and factored into the healing process.

We also believe that healing, especially for Indigenous communities, requires accessibility. That is why our programming includes models that allows us to meet our patients where they are.


The Mni Wiconi Clinic will be based on the Standing Rock Reservation and will include facilities such as ceremonial spaces for healing, private exams that accommodate families, a traditional apothecary and will be powered by renewable energy.

Decolonizing Diet

Within the Mni Wiconi Clinic we will have a kitchen and communal dining area so that we can lead decolonized food demonstrations and workshops to build education around decolonized diet and nutrition for our patients and community.

Mobile Clinic

The Mobile Clinic will be how we reach our community where they are. The mobile clinic will aim to provide access to care in remote areas and for those who do not have transportation.

Farm and Food Sovereignty

Our regenerative and community driven farm will provide the clinic and our decolonized food and diet programs with herbal and traditional medicines and foods.

“Failure to account for socio-environmental contexts can lead to pathologized perceptions of Natives, reinforce power inequities, and perpetuate paternalism and dependency in regard to health care”.

Source: Reconceptualizing Native Women’s Health: An “Indigenist” Stress-Coping Model

Our Team


We have strategically partnered with national and local groups to inform and improve our work. Our partners include Mass Design, Sitting Bull College and University California San Francisco.